Still looking for that perfect gift? Or maybe you already found it but it's just that little bit out of your budget? No worries! I have the perfect solution: Solden! This is an amazing website where you can find several discounts.

I'm not worrying about presents anymore but I'm still looking for a dress. I still need that one dress that is perfect for me to celebrate the New Year. I've been browsing several online shops, Zalando is of course one of them :-) They are a bit pricey, but thankfully Solden gives a nice extra discount of 30% on all dresses!

Images via Zalando

Not only extra discounts for Zalando are available on Solden, you can also find the amazing Supertrash on there!

Images via Supertrash

I’m sure you can find all what you need on Solden. I know I already saw some amazing deals :-) I’ll let you know what I got!

Happy shopping ;-)



Images via Google

Although I'm supposed to study for my exams these days, I'm going to London for a couple of days :-) Just relaxing for a short while before the exam mania starts.



I got these awesome shoes a while ago, they were the last pair and thankfully just my size :-) Christmas Day was the first time I could wear them and I have to say: it won't be the last time ;-)

It was the first time in years that I didn't wear a skirt or dress on Christmas. When it comes to parties or just festive occasions, the first item I normally grab out of my closet is a dress. But I felt like doing something else this year and I really like the result :-) Especially with the shoes!

Top: Zara - Pants: Zara - Shoes: Zara - Ring: Present from my aunt



It's finally here, Christmas Eve! Don't you just love these days??
I will be spending Christmas Eve with my family watching some of my favorite Christmas movies!

Do you have a favorite one?

Merry Christmas everyone!



Everyone has probably already seen this video, but I still think it's hilarious!
I have yet to discover the beauty of Instagram (ß link to my profile :-)), but I'm proud to say that I've already taken some pretty pictures :-)

PS: Isn't it weird that I prefer this version over the original one from Nickelback? :-) Am I the only one?



Now that even my computer isn't with me anymore (all technology is letting me down lately :-( ) I can't even make any outfitposts. I really hope the laptop-man will be able to fix my computer :-(

Anyway, so I'll leave you with this awesome collage! What an amazing style, don't you think? That blue dress is just devine! Not to mention that brown blouse-white skirt look!


MIA'S 2012

I went to the Music Industry Awards on Saturday evening. I had a great time, the performances were really good! I always like this award show because you have to go really fancy :-) Great excuse to wear beautiful dresses that are otherwise just hanging in your closet. To  me, the highlight of the evening was the performance of Netsky. Too bad he didn't win 'Hit of the Year'.

(btw, these pictures were taken with my new iPhone :-))

Dress: Lanvin for H&M - Shoes: Forever 21 - Clutch: H&M



I finally did it! I bought my very first Apple-product :-) My Blackberry had been broken for a while now and I just got worse last week. I got sick of it so I decided not to wait any longer!! :-) I got my beautiful iPhone on Saturday and I'm already addicted :-)



Outfit from the weekend.
I think I'm ready for some snow now. I read in the newspapers today that tomorrow might be the day :-) Can't wait!

Jacket: Zara - Sweater: Zara - Jeans: H&M - Heels: Zara



So sorry for the bad quality of these pictures! My camera is still broken but I'm hoping to get good present for Christmas :-) Or hopefully I have saved enough money to fix it as soon as possible, because this situation is just toooo annoying!

Coat: Zara - Sweater: Forever 21 - Jeans Urban Outfitters - Shoes: March 23



Thank God for PR-agencies who send pictures of new collections! I worked the entire weekend, sad result: I didn't have time to take some quick outfit pictures. Being "stuck" here in Antwerp without a photographer doesn't help either. I promise I'll take A LOT of pictures this weekend!

Normally I'm not the biggest fan of Paul Smith, (except for the men's collections, but those reasons may not be fashion-related :-)) but the Paul Smith SS13 collection is one I quite like! I love the colors (maybe I'm already getting depressed of these dark days) and the looks make me long for fun, warm days!

Do you have a favorite?



I have absolutely no idea what to say today :-) Oh, except I'm wearing all Zara again!

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Coat: Zara - Top: Zara - Jeans: Zara - Heels: Zara 



Images via Tom/Pure

I know, I know. We haven't even celebrated Christmas yet and here I am, showing you this awesome SS13 collection by Filles à Papa. This collection was inspired by American Trucks, Highways and life on the road and you can tell! I love these cute shorts and loose sweaters. Not to mention that awesome leather jacket.
But my favorites have to those two blazers, just beautiful :-)

I hope I can plan another road trip next summer!



I was invited to sit in the audience of the show "De Kruitfabriek", last Thursday. I took my sisters with me :-) It really was a nice evening, the show was very interesting. They talked not only about fashion (the collection of Martin Margiela had just hit the stores that day) but also for example about a patient in vegetative state who had been able to communicate with his doctors. I really like the show, too bad I can't watch it since I don't have a tv here in Antwerp.

Did anyone spot me on the telly? :-)

Coat: Zara - Top: Zara - Jeans: Zara - Wedges: Zara - Necklace: H&M Trend



Different shades of blue :-) I quite like the result.

Nail polish - light blue: H&M, dark blue: Maybelline NY



Images via Pinterest

Like so many among you all, I'm completely addicted to Pinterest :-) It really is so easy just to hit the "pin-button" and you share your interests and likes with the world. I thought I'd share my favorite pins so far with you :-)

PS: see what I did there with the title? ;-) 

(ok, hint: The Sound Of Music!)