I finally did it! I graduated :-) Yesterday there was a reception at my school, tonight there will be a huge party at the Zoo in Antwerp, how cool is that?!

I wore something floral and colorful to celebrate the end of an era.. It's weird to think that I will never have to take an exam again (except for my driver's license exam, which is going to happen in a couple of weeks -> already extremely nervous :-) )

I'll show you my outfit for tonight's party later :-)

Dress: Zara - Heels: Zara - Clutch: Zara - Ring: Bimba&Lola



Images via Pinterest

My trips to France and Spain, aka warmer climate, are getting closer. Time to check out some beachy looks for inspiration :-)



Welcome back!! First of all, I would like to apologize for abandoning and neglecting my blog and my precious readers. The past months have been insanely busy with my internship, (hopefully) graduating and working my ass off to be able to go on holiday in August.

But good news: I'm back and I'm here to stay :-)

One thing hasn't changed: my camera is still broken so iPhone-pics it is, unfortunately!

Top: Zara (the back of the blouse is open, but it was a bit too windy to catch that on camera) - Pants: Zara - Heels: H&M - Necklace: Zara