The beginning of a new year, the end of an era.. Ok, maybe a bit too dramatic :-)

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven't been posting in a while. There are several reasons but most of all, things have been quite hectic recently. So.. I'm sad to say that I've decided to quit my beloved blog.

These past few years have been amazing and I've had the best time blogging about one of my favorite things in the world: fashion. It has been such a great experience, I tell ya! I'm grateful for all you lovely followers, your sweet comments mean the world to me! I'm also thankful for all the wonderful people I got to meet, the cool events I got invited to and the fantastic gifts I received from the PR agencies.

BUT don't worry! Saying 'goodbye' to blogging and fashion is very hard to do (euhm, if not impossible), so of course I will still be posting pics of outfits and new buys on Instagram (DUDE!! PRADA BAG ON THERE :-)). It's just easier. So go on and follow me on Instagram. You know you want to :-)

But for now, I salute you! :-)



I went to the 'Oostende Koerse' on Monday with my dad and my sister. It was the first time that I saw races like that and I really loved it. It was like watching Seabiscuit, in real life :-)

You may notice that I'm wearing a brace around my wrist. A couple of months ago I had a cyst in my wrist and I was given a cortisone injection. Unfortunately I now have an infection in the same wrist, causing yet again a lot of pain and a limitation of movement. I wear this brace almost the entire day, but I have to say, I'm already sick of it!!

Jacket: H&M - Top: Comptoir des Cotonniers - Jeans: H&M - Sneakers: Nike Air Max - Sunglasses: RayBan



Images via my Instagram profile

Sorry sorry sorry! I've been super duper busy lately.. No time for picture I'm afraid :-( But here are the most important things going on in my life these past few weeks :-)

1. I finally ate some delicious mussels! I always try to eat some as often as possible :-)
2. I did some last minute sales shopping and I found someone who didn't like that as much I did!
3. I went to Barcelona with my girls
4. It was fun! :-)
5. I had to work during the Lokerse Feesten at the ING stand. After work I got to see Snoop Dogg perform, fantastic show!
6. Cool picture of all the girls from ING :-)
7. I got to wear my Nike Air Max sneakers again, best shoes ever!!
8. I had my first ever real job interview this week. Fingers crossed! ;-)



Image via Google

I'm off to Barcelona with my girls :-) See you in a week!



Some last minute sales shopping :-) Apparently, I'm in an orange fase!

Coat: Zara - Dress: Zara - Top: Zara - High waisted shorts: Zara - Dress: The Kooples Sport



Just like the rest of Belgium probably, I've been enjoying this heat wave these past few days :-) Although, sometimes it's a tad too hot, this is my kind of weather! I so enjoy days like this. There's just way more to do when the sun is out and burning! :-)

P.S.: During the 'Gentse Feesten', I will be working at the ING stand. Feel free to come and say hello! (and to enjoy the free services (WIFI!!) offered by ING :-))

Top: Urban Outfitters - Leather shorts: Alice Temperley for JBC - Shoes: Zara - Bikini: H&M



I got back from my vacation in France a couple of days ago. Perfect time to go out for some drinks and to go to the cinema :-) It has been so long since my last visit to the movies, I think it was January! But I have to take advantage of my student discount for as long as I still have it. :-) So, these upcoming weeks will be filled with activities where you can get student discount. Shopping is off course one of them :-)

Jacket: H&M Conscious Collection 2013 - Top: Topshop - Pants: Patrick Gérard - Shoes: Zara - Bag: Zara 



I finally got to see Kings of Leon again this year on Rock Werchter, since they didn't came last year. Again an awesome day with fantastic concerts. Big surprise to me was Ke$ha. I honestly thought she was going to be a bad singer, but boy, did she prove me wrong. I really liked the show (which was quite chaotic actually) and she did sing rather good.

The Script was as usual amazing and Danny was as usual gorgeous :-)

But the highlight of my day was of course The Kings! Hottie Caleb, cutie Matthew, gorgeous Nathan and sexy Jared were fantastic! Can't wait for their new album and to see them again next year :-)

Top: Cos - Shorts: H&M - Shoes: River Island, Bag: Zara - Watch: Urban Outfitters



As you may or may not have noticed via my Instagram profile, I've been to London yet again :-) Just a couple of days shopping, relaxing, eating and just enjoying the English was exactly what I needed to get these holiday months started!

I know you probably won't see a lot on these pictures, but I'm planning on wearing all of these items really soon ;-)

Jacket: Hobbs - T-shirts: Urban Outfitters, And Other Stories - Shorts: Hobbs, Urban Outfitters - Shoes: Topshop, Nike 



My dress and my hair for the graduation party at the Zoo last week. Although the theme of the party wasn't a total success, I had a lot of fun with my friends :-)

I decided to wear flats to go to the party, so I could dance all night long. :-)

p.s. for those who are wondering how I did the hair: I followed these easy steps.. for the most part anyway!

Dress: Zara - Sandals: Zara



I finally did it! I graduated :-) Yesterday there was a reception at my school, tonight there will be a huge party at the Zoo in Antwerp, how cool is that?!

I wore something floral and colorful to celebrate the end of an era.. It's weird to think that I will never have to take an exam again (except for my driver's license exam, which is going to happen in a couple of weeks -> already extremely nervous :-) )

I'll show you my outfit for tonight's party later :-)

Dress: Zara - Heels: Zara - Clutch: Zara - Ring: Bimba&Lola



Images via Pinterest

My trips to France and Spain, aka warmer climate, are getting closer. Time to check out some beachy looks for inspiration :-)



Welcome back!! First of all, I would like to apologize for abandoning and neglecting my blog and my precious readers. The past months have been insanely busy with my internship, (hopefully) graduating and working my ass off to be able to go on holiday in August.

But good news: I'm back and I'm here to stay :-)

One thing hasn't changed: my camera is still broken so iPhone-pics it is, unfortunately!

Top: Zara (the back of the blouse is open, but it was a bit too windy to catch that on camera) - Pants: Zara - Heels: H&M - Necklace: Zara



This weekend's look. I love that the weather is finally starting to get better (at least for a few days :-)) and that I can start wearing my summer heels again. These heels in particular. I'm still in love, even after a year :-)

Jacket: Topshop - T-shirt: Cos - Jeans: H&M Conscious Collection: Heels: Zara



I've never been into turtleneck tops but for this one I gladly made an exception :-) I love the fabric and the way it falls. The combination with these new pants is something I don't normally wear, but I kinda dig the result. It's a kind of 'sweatpants gone fancy' and I really like it! Perfect for a night out :-)

Top: Topshop - Pants: Zara - Flats: Zara - Bow: H&M



This weekend's look. I'm glad to say, the first week of my internship went very good :-) I got some fun assignments for a new event. The first week just flew by and it's already Thursday in my second week. The end of my internship is getting closer very soon (I'm not counting, I swear ;-)) but it also means the good weather is getting closer as well! Apparently, the weather this weekend is going to awesome! Let's fire up those barbecues!! :-)

Jacket: Zaza - Blouse: Zara - Jeans: Zara - Scarf: Zara - Sneakers: March 23 - Sunglasses: RayBan (thanks to Smartbuyglasses.be)



Bought some new flats last week. Can't wait to wear them :-) I love the sparkles!

Shoes: Zara



My Easter look. We had a lovely family gathering on Sunday. And of course, there was chocolate galore! Not the best food when you're rather nervous about, let's say, a first day of a new internship :-) As I am writing this post (on Monday evening), the butterflies in my stomach are raging. As you may know, I'm in my final year of Communication Management and I will be doing an internship at a Communication- and Event bureau for the next 8 weeks. I really hope it will go smoothly this first week :-)

Wish me luck!! :-)

Sweater: Zara - Blouse: Zara - Jeans: Zara - Heels: Zara



On Thursday, I went to an event at Pinko to discover the new Spring/Summer collection. I went with the lovely Megan, who is actually thinking about starting her own blog. :-) The moment we went inside the store, we were amazed by all the beautiful colors, delicious food and bubbles. Although Pinko isn't a brand I usually adore, I have to say I was surprised by the amount of wearable and beautiful clothes. The fashion show was a real eye opener! The bags, the shoes, the skirts, the jackets.. I want them all!!

Thanks Media Mania and Pinko for the lovely evening!



Images via FashionGoneRogue

Extremely excited about this collection! I adore the simplicity of the designs and the beautiful, luxurious colors. In stores from April 4th.