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Sorry sorry sorry! I've been super duper busy lately.. No time for picture I'm afraid :-( But here are the most important things going on in my life these past few weeks :-)

1. I finally ate some delicious mussels! I always try to eat some as often as possible :-)
2. I did some last minute sales shopping and I found someone who didn't like that as much I did!
3. I went to Barcelona with my girls
4. It was fun! :-)
5. I had to work during the Lokerse Feesten at the ING stand. After work I got to see Snoop Dogg perform, fantastic show!
6. Cool picture of all the girls from ING :-)
7. I got to wear my Nike Air Max sneakers again, best shoes ever!!
8. I had my first ever real job interview this week. Fingers crossed! ;-)

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  1. Precies goed gedronken ;) Leuke foto's!
    x Hannah