We’re going to my aunt’s house to celebrate her birthday with a lot of cake and presents :-)
I’m wearing my new heels from Paris, they are super comfy! I’m not wearing anything too fancy since we’re just going to eat cake and I tend to get a little bit messy when I eat (cake) ;-)

Outfit: Zara - Bracelets: Bimba&Lola - Ring: Bimba&Lola



I came back this morning from La Douce France :-)
This holiday was great! The weather was fantastic and we have visited some great places, like Pont du Gard and Marseille.

We first spent 2 days in Dijon (getting mustard :-)) and Lyon before heading to our house near Avignon.
We rented a typical French cottage with a private pool. Unfortunately we could only swim the last 2 days because it was really windy.

Here are some pictures of my family holiday:



I’m leaving again :-)
Tomorrow morning I'm heading to France again. I will be spending the following 10 days in the Provence with my family.
Unfortunately I won’t be able to blog in those upcoming weeks (no internet :-( ), but I’ll show you a lot of pictures when I’m back in Belgium ;-)
I hope you guys are having an amazing holiday as well!

Source: Google Images


Source: Unknown

I love looking at pictures and drawings and when I first saw these, I was stunned!
I think they are beautiful  :-)

Some people are so talented!



I didn’t just go to school in Paris, I also did a lot of shopping :-)

Here are most of my purchases. There were already big discounts (-70%, -80%) so I also went to stores we have here in Belgium too, like Zara (no surprise there I guess :-)).

Shorts: Zara - T-shirt: Eleven Paris - Sweatshirt: Souvenir shop - Eiffel Tower Key Chain: Souvenir Shop - Bikini: Zara - Heels: Zara - Brown sandals: Zara - Black sandals: Stradivarius - Black bracelet: Flea market - Lucky Charm bracelet: got it from my sisters :-) - Ring: Bimba & Lola - Bracelets: Bimba & Lola



I just came back from the 2 most wonderful weeks in Paris :-)
I had so much fun and I've met some amazing people!
Unfortunately I didn’t have access to the internet but at school there were some computers we could use. But I only had the time to check my emails before going to class or living life the Parisian way :-)

I didn’t take any outfit pictures but here are a couple of pictures from the people around me :-)
Sorry for the picture overload btw!

Thanks Lisa for the pictures :-)



I’m leaving tomorrow morning! I will be in Paris for the next 14 days :-)
I’ll be studying French and spend the days like a true Parisian!

I’m going with the organization EF.
They have a school in Paris (not only in Paris, but all over the world :-)) for people who want to learn the language or improve their language skills.

Video via YouTube

I wonder if my trip turns out like hers ;-)


I went to Rock Werchter yesterday :-)
The weather was amazing, the sun was shining and the atmosphere was great!

We watched Ke$ha, Jimmy Eat World, The National and my favorites: My Chemical Romance (mmm Gerard), Arctic Monkeys (mmm Alex) and of course Kings of Leon (mmm Caleb, Matthew, Nathan, Jared)  :-)

Classic me: I still had forgotten to charge my camera’s battery! I could only take 1 picture per band but I also took a couple with my phone :-)

Top: Urban Outfitters - Shorts: H&M