I went shopping today and I bought my new camera!! Unfortunately they had to order it, so I am going to have to wait another week!

I also went to check out H&M and Zara.

I bought the flats in Zara and the shirt, sunglasses (I couldn’t choose between the black and the brown version, so I bought both!) and cuffs in H&M.

Yesterday Renée and I went to check out the (Con)Temporary fashion days.
We went to so many stores I can’t remember all of them :-)
Here are a couple of them!

I bought this ring at Nico Taeymans

Here are some more pictures

Photos by Renée

Vest: Zara - Top: Zara - Scarf: Springfield - Bag: Massimo Dutti

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik was ook gegaan :D! Heb ook heel wat gescoord! Leuk om je aanwinsten te zien xx

  2. Zag er heel leuk uit!
    Mooie zonnebrillen trouwens :D x