(This was actually my back-up outfit, the stupid rain made me change my first choice :-( )

Yesterday I attended the fashion show organised by The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. They showed the creations of the students. The highlight of the evening were the creations the gratuating students designed, but I thought there were some amazing creations by the other years aswell :-)

Unfortunately I had forgotten to charge my camera's battery, so I couldn't take any pictures :-( but I did manage to find some of my favourite looks online:

Images via StyleToday.be

If I had to choose between the graduates, my favourite was Leonneke Derksen. I thought her idea of making the back the most important element of her silhouettes really well-thought. I really liked the designs and the fabrics.

Images via StyleToday.be

I had a blast! I can't wait to see what the students will do next year :-)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooie foto's! Er zaten echt een paar schitterende ontwerpen bij dit jaar
    Trouwens echt een mooie ketting dat je aan hebt :)

  2. Hele mooie foto's & creaties! We hebben veel talent in Belgiƫ! Zelf heb je ook een hele leuke stijl, die ketting is SUPERMOOI! Bedankt voor je lieve reactie, ik volg je!

    Alicia Mi Mundo

  3. Ik wou gaan (en ook naar de show van La Cambre), maar helaas ben ik volop in examens :(...