London was, as usual, fantastic!! That city never lets me down :-)

What are you looking at?
1. This house had a beautiful front! I love the colors they used. 
2. The best cupcakes! This little shop is actually next to the apartment building where my sister is staying for the next 4 months. 
3. Another cool decoration of a wall :-) 
4. Best fish and chips ever! I'm not an expert, I've only ate f&c a couple of times before but these were sooooo good :-) And the decoration of the little 'restaurant' was so cute! It was like we went back in time, to the late '40s! (Poppies of  Spitalfields! If you should ever be around Spitalfields, I highly recommend going there :-))
5. I also went to Somerset House, hoping to spot some celebs but unfortunately we were almost totally alone at the place and it was freezing!! So we decided not to wait for the shows to end.. Maybe we'll have more luck next year :-)

Can't wait to go back there! (ok, it's already in a couple of weeks, I don't have any reason to complain :-))

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful pictures!! Je ziet er super uit :) Londen is echt een van mijn lievelingssteden en de hummingbird cupcakes zijn absoluut hemels njaam, ik heb nu wel zin in eentje héhé!
    Zo leuk dat je binnenkort al terug gaat en dat je zus daar verblijft.