I got myself a new pair of shoes, high top wedge sneakers to be exact :-) My March 23 ones are still one of my favorites, but I must be honest, these shoes are some fierce competition!

I saw them on the website last weekend and I just had to have them. Even though I'm going to London again in a couple of months, I couldn't wait. I came home this Friday and there they were, already waiting for me to unpack. They are super cute and the inside is extremely soft. I will be wearing these a lot, I can tell you that :-)

PS: as you can probably see in the pictures (especially in the last two :-)), I'm ill. Perfect timing to get the flu...

Blazer: Zara - Sweater: Topshop - Jeans: Forever 21 - Sneakers: Topshop

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow die zijn super, ik denk er over na om ze ook te kopen!

  2. haha love me some sneaker wedges ! lijken op die van mij van den urban :D xoxo