Wow, I'm so behind on posting outfits! I wore this look (and I took these pictures) last week. The weather back then was so deceiving: when you looked outside the window, you'd think it was quite warm and you could go out without a jacket. But when you would do that, you'd freeze your ass off! It felt like winter had started all over again! (I even read in the newspaper that it was snowing in some parts of Belgium, crazy!!)

But hey, you don't hear me complaining! The more I can wear my March 23-sneakers, the happier I am! :-) (Ok, enough about the sneakers, I know! This is the last time I will describe my looooove for them ;-))

Blazer: Zara - T-shirt: Zara - Jeans: Zara - Wedge sneakers: March 23 - Scarf: Springfield

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Really love those sneakers

  2. Leuke sneakers Laura :-)

    Heb je trouwens de nieuwe wedstrijd op Belmodo gezien? Je kan er een aankoopbon t.w.v. van 1000 euro mee winnen op Famousbox!!! Waag je kans ;-) Hier is de link:


    Succes nog met het leren!!