My sister got back home from London this weekend, she had been doing her internship there for the last 4 months. She got me and my family some awesome gifts! I got this book by Amanda Brooks, with a lot of tips and quotes and just beautiful pictures :-) I can't wait to start reading it! I love reading books about fashion and this one is  perfect to expand my collection.

She bought the book in the amazing store "Anthropologie" in London. This store is just so beautiful. If you ever go to London, this one is definitely worth a visit. It's located in Regent Street and you can't miss it. The building is just so beautiful and the decoration inside is really unique. For example, they have this wall with grass, they call it "the vertical garden". I found some pictures to show you the decorations of the store, but in real life it's even more beautiful :-)

PS: It's my sister's birthday today actually! Happy birthday :-)

 Images via UrbanEvolutions

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