I just got back from Italy, and I already miss it! Unfortunately, people weren't overreacting when they said the weather in Belgium was terrible. In Italy, temperatures got up to 35°C, so you can imagine that we're freezing our asses off right now :-)

Unfortunately I had no access to the internet these last few days, so I couldn't keep you posted on my, well, tanning progress, but I also had prepared a couple of posts so you'll be seeing them first. I'll post the outfits I wore in Italy later :-) And my purchases of course!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik ben zooo jaloers :( Het is hier in Antwerpen echt slecht slecht weer geweest.. Maar blij dat jij wat bijgebruind bent! ;-)

    x Evi

  2. Welcome back, hope you've had a lovely time

  3. Well hello! Can't wait the new post...glad you had fun