I'm also super duper excited because I signed the contract for my student room a couple of days before I went to Italy! I'll be living in Antwerp again for a whole year. We've been looking for rooms to let for weeks and you can't believe what types we've seen! A lot of dirty and disgusting rooms and most of them were waaaay too small (kitchen in the bathroom!). I always wonder if those landlords would live in their rooms themselves, I really don't think they would! But I finally found a perfect room, just 6min from my school AND 3 minutes away from the MEIR!!! :-) I've already spent 2 years in student accommodation but never this close to my school and never a room this big!

These pictures were taken in my street in Antwerp actually, the red house belongs to my neighbours :-) I'm already decorating the room in my head, but unfortunately we still have to wait a couple of weeks before we get the key. I still need to sort things out with the blog too, like who's going to take my pictures when I'm in Antwerp? Normally it's one of my sisters or my parents who is entrusted with this task :-)

Jacket: Zara - Blouse: Topshop - Jeans shorts: H&M - Bag: Zara - Shoes: All Stars - Ring: Jutka&Riska

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