I love my new bracelet! It's handmade by Magali Pinchasi from Antwerp. She just started her own bracelet-brand, called "BE" - by Magali Pinchasi, in May 2012, after she graduated from university.

The awesome part about the bracelets is that you can actually "design" them yourself! Magali is so sweet, she makes the bracelets for everyone separately. You just choose the model you want, the color and the studs. How awesome is that? And the prices vary from just 15 to 25 euros. Not bad at all if you ask me :-) Plus, the shipping is so fast! I ordered mine on Thursday and on Tuesday, I discovered a nice surprise in the mailbox :-)

If you are as hooked as I am, you should definitely check out her facebook page! You can also find some inspiration pictures on it :-)

Images via Facebook

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