Wauw! I've just received my very first award :-) Yay me! I was given this awesome surprise by Astrid from Poise and Vogue. Thank you soooo very much!

Ok, apparently I have to share 7 random facts about me now and then I need to mention a couple of my favorite blogs.. This is going to be difficult, since I have over 300 favorite blogs :-)

Random facts about me:
- I've twisted my ankles more whilst wearing flats than whilst wearing heels
- I eat an ice cream almost every evening (I try to eat diet ice cream, tastes the same!)
- I'm broke all the time! My money just disappears..
- I can eat pasta every day
- I love watching television series. I follow like 23 series at the moment, all kinds of them. (New Girl, Gossip Girl, True Blood, Melissa&Joey, 90210, How I Met Your Mother.. You name it, I know it!)
- I talk to my dog as if he's a real person, it's starting to get creepy :-)
- I use "the smiley" A LOT :-)

Some of my favorite blogs at the moment: (I decided to choose some fellow Belgian bloggers, sorry :-))
- Fashion Suicides 
- Anouk Meets Fashion
- Fashionista
- Shark Attack

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Yaaaay! Thanks for the mention babe!! :)
    En proficiat!YOU DESERVE IT :)

  2. Heeeey! Bedankt voor de award en proficiat! Ik ben erg geflatteerd! Ik zie dat we enkele gelijkenissen vertonen: ik verlies mijn evenwicht vaker wanneer ik ballerina's draag dan hakken, haha, en ik ben ook een serie-freak (maar nog niet 23 series (wooow!)!). En ik ben ook obsessed met mijn huisdier, het is alsof het mijn baby is, haha, ik begrijp je dus :p.

    1. Hahaha! Ik kijk al uit naar je random facts ;)
      Dank je wel en jij ook proficiat he!