SHOW OFF 2012 / PART 2

The second part of my review of SHOW2012, contains my favorites of the collections by the master students of the Antwerp Fashion Academy. Unfortunately we didn't have the best seats, so I couldn't take pictures of the shoes as well. Too bad because some of them were really crazy! You could see that models were terrified whilst walking on the catwalk. Not all of the heels were insane of course, but you really do have to stand out when you show your final collection, one way or the other.

What are you looking at?
1&2&3&4. Beautiful collection by Charlotte Pringels! I loved every detail and the fabrics of the dresses and skirts were stunning.
5&6. Some great silhouettes by Tabitha Osler. I loved how she worked with volumes and beautiful colors.
7&8. Really nice fabrics and dresses by Eva Dunis.
9&10. Fantastic jackets and designs by Wali Mohammed Barrech. The girls looked stunning! Don't you just love the details and the shorts? One of my favorite collections.
11&12. The most beautiful dresses of the entire show! The girls looked like Greek Goddesses!  The designs and the fabrics.. Unbelievable! The soft colors were just perfecion :-) Marius Janusauskas really blew me off my feet!

I can't wait to see what the students will do next year! I already loved so many ideas and designs from the third bachelor students this year, I have high hopes for next year's show :-)

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