It's that day again, where there's such thing as a "lazy Sunday" for me.. I'm entering a running "competition" today, called Dwars Door Mechelen. Although it is called a competition, I don't see it that way :-) I'm not in it to win it (I'm not THAT trained, athletic...), I would just like to finish it.

This is the third time I will be entering the competition (again the word), but this year will be the most difficult one yet, I guess. Not only is it like freezing cold outside, it will be raining too and I'm stuck with this completely annoying cold! Not the best circumstances to run 5km, if you ask me. Last year, I entered as well with my dad and two sisters, but this year it will be just me and my younger sister. My dad will get his shot in a couple of weeks, though :-)

Sweater: Pull&Bear - Jeans: H&M - Loafers: Topshop

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  1. i looove this outfit a lot. also, i love shoes. i think i'll like your blog :)

  2. Bedankt voor je superlieve comment! Je mag trots zijn op je conditie denk ik, bij mij is dat een ramp! Ik zou er niet over hoeven dromen om 5 km te lopen (ik vind lopen dan ook verschrikkelijk ambetant haha).

    Poise & Vogue