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Don't you just love wearing braids?? I do, but unfortunately my hair isn't long enough to make something that actually deserves to be called a braid. Plus, the last time I went to the hairdresser's, she cut my hair in layers. So every time I want to make a pony tail or a high bun, I have to use a bucket load of pins.. I really thought I'd past this stage.

But I still look for inspiration in creations from celebrities. Who knows, maybe you'll find some sort of trademark hairstyle :-)

I especially love Katie's and Whitney's look. Who's your favorite?

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  1. Whitney's and Blake's are my favourites! I like the messy, out-of-bed ponytails... but just like you, my hair is cut in layers, so a braid isn't a piece of cake!


  2. & bij me lukt het nog steeds niet om een visgraat vlecht te maken! Oh onhandige ik haha! xx