I just love my hair in beachy waves! So I decided to do a tutorial on how to easily make them appear in your hair, by using a flat iron. You do not necessarily need a curling iron, only if you should want to make the curls a bit bigger. I found this cute idea a while back on the internet and I tried it immediately.

What do you need to do?
1. First, make sure your hair is completely dry.
2. You need a comb, some small rubber bands (how much depends on how many sections you're going to make) and a flat iron.
3. So, time to get started! Start by making a couple of braids in your hair. I like to make 4.
4. Then, twist the braid away from your face and go over your hair with the flat iron in the same direction your hair is twisted. Repeat this process a couple of times. 
5+6. After your hair is cooled, then take the rubber bands out and run your fingers through the braid.
7. The result: some nice beachy waves (hopefully :-))

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