When we were shooting these pictures, I suddenly got this song stuck in my head. Like the wind by Vanessa Chinitor (no idea why it was that song, I swear), the Belgian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest of 1999 is not a song you hear every day :-) I suddenly had a flashback of her performance with the oversized sleeves on her dress and the excessive amount of wind! 

I don't come out much these days, due to my resits. But I only have to do 2 more, on Monday and Tuesday. And on Wednesday I will be tanning, hopefully, on the beach in Oostduinkerke ;-) Too bad, the weather won't be all that, so I'll probably need to bring some fall outfits. I already checked the temperatures for next week, they don't look good (16°C!!).

Blouse: H&M - Jeans: H&M - Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell - Ring: Romwe

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